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Forget About The Trump Russia Scandals, Just Watch Handy

Bandwagoning off of politics to write about a comedy miniseries? For likes and shares? Oh yeah, this should be good! But seriously ladies and gentlemen, hold on before you take your pitchforks out, this article doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither does the show it talks about. We’re all stressed with the way things are going on in the real world, and sometimes we need to unplug ourselves from it all. Some of you might turn to travel or a fun hobby. We suggest, you use those little hands of yours to pick up the remote, flick the channel onto Comedy Central and watch yourself some Handy.


This mini series was an instant success when it was brought on by Comedy Central as a guinea pig for replacing regular ads. The concept is simple: write a story, embed an ad in it, make sure the transition is smooth the audience will love the show regardless of the ad. And you know why? Ads are so 60’s. People don’t like ads today. Correction, people don’t like bad ads today. But the problem is that too many ads are formulaic, and reusing the same formula all the time is what makes an ad formulaic and cliche. So…in comes Handy and blows the old way of running ads out of the water.


Ever Wanted To Be A Hand Model?


Well, we can’t all be. You have to have really nice skin and nails, and your hands have to be just the right size for the job. And no tremor. And you have to have just the right amount of confidence. And the connections to get you gigs. And on and on and on… Or you could watch this hilarious mini-mockumentary series and listen to the inner monologue of the protagonist Erik Layne, as he goes about his day auditioning for different gigs around town.

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