Cell Phone Repair in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore MD cell phone repair

If you’re looking for a Baltimore MD cell phone repair, you’ve come to the right place. Mobile Lizard is one of the best cell phone repair places in the city, offering affordable repairs on all types of devices. Not only can they fix your device, but they can also help you recover data if you’ve forgotten the password. You can even bring your phone in for unlocking if you forgot the password or need to access your personal information. Mobile Lizard offers iPhone and Samsung phone repairs within an hour, offers sim cards, and accepts walk-ins.

Forever Wireless

Forever Wireless in Baltimore, Maryland, provides a variety of services to its customers. Its technicians are highly qualified and have over 20 years of experience. You can even bring your computer to Forever Wireless for repairs and maintenance. They also sell mobile phone accessories. Customers can browse through the store’s inventory and make a purchase if they’re unsure about the right product. Moovit is a convenient way to find a Baltimore cell phone repair store.

Cell phone repair services are available in Baltimore for both Samsung and iPhone models. Prices for screen replacements vary, depending on availability of parts, the size of the phone, and the date it was made. If the screen is shattered, you may be able to save money by purchasing a new phone instead. If you’d prefer a newer phone, the repair cost will be lower. The shop’s walk-in service is also a plus.

Mobile Lizard

One of the most renowned cell phone repair stores in Baltimore is Mobile Lizard. They offer a variety of repair services, including battery replacement, phone diagnostics, hardware repairs, and software issue troubleshooting. You can walk-in or make an appointment for the repair of your cell phone. Most repairs are completed within an hour, and they can even retrieve your deleted data! These Baltimore cell phone repair services are quick, affordable, and offer data recovery.

Five Star Wireless

Looking for cell phone repair in Baltimore MD? Look no further than Five Star Wireless LLC. The local store is rated three stars on Yelp, which means that it’s likely to have the same high standards as the national chain. Its staff is friendly, and it accepts credit cards, which makes it a great option for anyone in the Baltimore area. Check out the hours of operation and read reviews online to decide if it’s the right place to take your phone.

Whether you need your iPhone screen repaired or your Samsung Galaxy S5 broken, Five Star Wireless is the place to go. They have all of the services you’ll need, and their knowledgeable technicians can also provide you with helpful information. Located at 1811 Eastern Ave in Baltimore, Five Star Wireless is a trusted cell phone repair store with highly trained technicians. Their technicians are expert cell phone repair specialists and will get your device working again in no time.

My Cellphone Repairs

My Cellphone Repairs in Baltimore MD offers fast, affordable mobile electronic repair services for iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads and computers. The services range from cracked screens to charging ports, battery replacements to troubleshooting, and from diagnostics to hardware repairs. Industry-certified technicians perform all repairs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them online, or call them directly. Their prices are reasonable and their quality is unbeatable.

For your convenience, My Cellphone Repairs in Baltimore MD also offers computer services and onsite manual repairs. You can visit any of their locations for your mobile device repair needs. There are many different locations in Maryland, so you can choose one closest to your home or office. All of them offer the same high-quality service. There are multiple repair options for various types of devices, so you can choose one based on your budget.