The Average Annual Salary of a Plumber in Australia and New Zealand

In this article we’ll look at the average annual plumber salary in Australia and New Zealand, the range of salaries for people with less than three years’ experience, the job outlook for this profession, and the cost of living in Sydney. This information will give you an idea of how much a plumber earns in Sydney. To further help you decide whether or not becoming a plumber is for you, read on to discover more.

Average annual salary of a plumber in Australia

In Australia, an entry-level plumber can expect to earn approximately AU$45,122 a year. Those with four to nine years of experience can expect to make about AU$65,432 a year. A plumber with more than 20 years of experience can expect to make around AU$83,495 per year. While the average annual salary of a plumber varies, it is important to note that the salary ranges are based on averages, and are a guide only.

Range of salaries for a plumber with less than three years of experience

Salary ranges vary widely depending on the level of experience and location. Generally, a plumber with less than two years experience earns about 19,900 AUD per year. A plumber with between two and five years of experience earns around 25,800 AUD a year. Employees with ten years or more of experience earn around 33,800 AUD per year. There is no set salary range for plumbers, however, and the average annual package is slightly higher than the average.

Job prospects for a plumber in New Zealand

The demand for plumbers is rising across the country, with new construction projects in Auckland and other cities contributing to the forecast growth in jobs. The plumbing trade also needs to grow by 40 per cent in Auckland by 2021. The average annual salary for a plumber in New Zealand is around NZ$80,000. To become a plumber in New Zealand, you must complete an apprenticeship, obtain a New Zealand Certificate of Education in Plumbing, and register with the New Zealand Plumbing Board.

Cost of living in Sydney

The cost of living for plumbers in Sydney is higher than the national average, and rates in the city are more expensive. North of the Sydney Bridge, plumbers earn $87 to $96 an hour, while those in the West and South pay just $71 to $75 an hour. This massive difference in pay between nearby suburbs highlights the impact of postcodes on pay. In Sydney, the average salary for plumbers is $96,923 per annum, which includes bonuses of $3,257.

Education required to become a plumber

The Education required to become a plumber in Australia depends on the state that you wish to work in. In some states, plumbing is an apprenticeship that takes about five years. Some states allow for technical courses to help apprentices finish their training sooner. In areas such as Queensland, where the population is growing fast, there is a high demand for plumbers. For instance, in the Gold Coast region, plumbers can be found in abundance.