Urology For Children – Dr. José Castañeda Sánchez

Dr. José Castañeda Sánchez Clinica de Urologia Roma is a board-certified urologist. His practice focuses on prostate health, including benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer. He also treats erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and complex voiding problems. A native of Arizona, Dr. Castaneda was trained as a physician assistant in 1997.

In addition to urology, his practice focuses on pediatric care, including urology for children. His surgical experience includes ureteropelvic junction obstruction surgery, as well as single-stage and undiversion nephrectomy for neurogenic bladder. In addition, he has a special interest in sports medicine. He has a special interest in pediatrics and specializes in geriatric and gynecologic disorders.

A child with a neurogenic bladder is likely to experience complications with their urinary tract. His pediatric urologist can help with the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. He is also a top expert in ureteropelvic junction obstruction, including single stage repair and undiversion. The practice is conveniently located in a convenient part of San Jose. Located at the University of California, San Diego, Dr. José Castañeda Sánchez treats a variety of urologic conditions.

He has an extensive background in pediatric urology. He has also published several textbooks, including Urology in Neonates and Young Infants. One of his recent chapters, “The Megaureter,” discusses urologic surgery in pediatric patients. He is a specialist in neurogenic bladders. He is a member of the American College of Surgeons. He is a board-certified urologist.

Hanna, M.K., a pediatric urologist, has been a top urologist for over 20 years. Her book, Pediatric Urology in Children: Principles and Techniques, Second Edition, and Current Clinical Practice, cover many aspects of pediatric urology. She has a particular specialty in the area of percutaneous nephrostomy.

His experience includes treating children with neurogenic bladders. He has also performed surgeries on pediatric patients with ureteropelvic junction obstructions. His specialties include urodynamic evaluations and urodynamics. In addition to this, he specializes in a wide variety of urological conditions. He has received numerous awards and has been a leading urologist in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years.

This pediatric urologist specializes in the treatment of children with vesicoureteral reflux. She has received numerous awards for her work in urology and has been recognized by the Spanish Association of Pediatric Urologists as an outstanding urologist. He has been published in several peer-reviewed medical journals, including Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Besides publishing clinical studies, he has authored a number of text books and numerous articles in the field.